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The sophistication and elegance of a black ceiling:

We hear you think! "Black? ... On the ceiling?" Alright, it is definitely not a tone that we would think of at first glance (especially in a business or in an industrial space) but stay with us! The black on the ceiling is perhaps the sublime effect that your commercial space needed without you suspecting it.

Ceilings are mostly white, which is great for reflecting light, making a space look brighter and larger. However, it is quite the opposite that some spaces really need, especially when they are large and intimidating, giving them a sterile and inhospitable appearance.

Nothing to please clients or investors who come to visit you!

Black ceilings create privacy and gives to any space a warm, calming, secure and comfortable appearance, all with a bold touch in a most refined cerebral design.

You wouln't dare so much black?
Why not create specific areas with a two-color ceiling?

Do you like open spaces? Us too! But open floor plans can make it difficult to distinguish between the function of one area and another when physical boundaries are absent. People usually create a separation by installing a carpet or by building room dividers ... Rather than dividing your living space with bulky walls that you don't really like, create a separation effect by using black ceiling tiles only on top of that defined areas, just as you would with a rug. Ornate this area with a daring light fixture: spectacular effect guaranteed!


You sold me the idea!
Now what?

Our Rockfon® Cinema Black ™ acoustic rock wool ceiling panels enhance the visual and acoustic experience in noisy areas, auditoriums or restaurants.

Available in modular sizes of 2x2ft or 2x4ft, these black acoustic ceiling tiles have a square edge and fit into standard 15/16 inch ceiling suspension grid systems.


The grid systems that frame our suspended ceilings are available in white, chrome, copper or brass to contrast them with the black tiles or, for added aesthetic interest and a more dramatic look, request our black suspended ceiling grid!


Ask us what we can do to create your black drop ceiling as you imagine it.

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