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walls-ceilings.com magazine presents:
After years of stagnation, since the 2020-2021 pandemic, the real estate market industry has experienced tremendous growth as the needs for the acquisition of industrial buildings kept growing ever since while construction costs have remained somewhat stable. The perfect star alignment for builders targeting the e-commerce market.


Across the globe, we expect to see growth in e-commerce as we know it in general, but we anticipate a meteoric expansion of online shopping in the food and medical products industries.



This is where Construction Projex particularly stands out, with its specialized products for industrial clean rooms, its fireproof ceilings, walls and partitions, its sound-absorbing and hygienic tiles, perfectly suited to the medical and agro-food sectors.


To create space, entrust us with the task of building your mezzanine in structural steel studs. For a layout of premises or an office division, our interior systems offer endless options.


Projex congratulates the resilient and the visionary!

At the start of the Covid-19 pandemic, many planned projects were abruptly put on hold and construction came to a screeching halt. However, while most offices and retail shops took a hit, the situation had the opposite effect in the industrial market.


The demand has increased considerably for the demand for spaces adapted to e-commerce, especially at the level of supply and distribution networks, manufacturing industry, logistics or IT.

Thus, while several retailers have unfortunately had to close their doors, companies operating via the web have had to desperately seek additional operating or storage space for their new services and products, in addition to their already existing needs and inventory.



Result: consumers are now very comfortable with ordering goods online and e-commerce has exploded, further increasing the demand for industrial storage, especially in Montreal, on the South Shore of Montreal, in Laval and on the North Crown.

If interest rates remain stable, acquisition demand will continue, and prices will continue to rise. This is why many smart investors have chosen to finalize their transaction even months before the start of their operations or even before their occupation, in order to lock the rising market price.

In 2021, the quickest visionaries on the trigger were Triovest and Broccolini on the development of a business park in Vaudreuil and Rosefellow on an impressive industrial development in Pointe-Claire.

Groupe Montoni has also demonstrated its foresight by developing a large-scale industrial project at the former Sears store at Place Vertu, in the West of the island.


It is this type of initiative that will probably be the driving force behind the development of future projects in Greater Montreal and at Projex Construction , we are ready to lend a hand to these galvanizing new developments.

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