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Spring has arrived and it's now time to come out of hibernation and start something new: time to make changes at the “shop”, the restaurant, or at the office and to -finally ( !)- eliminate all those irritants you thought about during winter!


Weather you think of a complete layout or a quick relooking of premises, some new space divisions, new room additions, a suspended or gypsum ceiling, a breathtaking gypsum fallout or a total makeover of a company, a small boutique, a restaurant, a shopping centre or a grocery store, whether you work in the commercial or industrial sector: it's time at this moment to think about it!


Why spring for renovations?
Here are some good reasons:

Not too hot, not too cold.

In addition to the cold, winter often causes delays in the delivery of materials.
On the other hand, the extreme heat of summer makes renovation work painful.
Spring brings much better provisions for renovations. With perfect weather conditions and longer days, there is more time available to complete the job before the hot weather arrives.

Ready for summer

Most people like to do renovations to their workplace before summer arrives so they can relax and enjoy a good time with their family without having to worry about what happens on the job site while they're having fun! The beautiful days pass quickly and we all want to take advantage of every of them don't we?

Increase in the value of the building

Many business owners of restaurants, industrial or commercial buildings choose to renovate just before their peak season or before announcing their sale or rental on the market. Customers, potential buyers or tenants will be pleased to see that new renovations have been completed recently.

How Projex can help you complete your projects by summer?

Gypsum projects

Gypsum walls and ceilings are popular in spring because it offers the perfect climate.Warm spring temperatures allow the windows to stay opened, which helps speed up the drying time required by joint compound.
If you've already postponed that type of project a few times, for sure there is no better time than now!

The ceiling: don't forget your fifth wall!

The ceiling is usually overlooked when it comes to planning renovations. But there are many inexpensive ways to update industrial and commercial ceilings.


By paying attention to this fundamental separation, did you know that you could radically change your daily life at work?


Soundproofing, insulation, firewall, anti-humidity, anti-mold, antimicrobial, antibacterial ... What do you need your ceilings to do for you?

The magic of lighting!

Lighting plays an important role in any renovation and even more so in the workplace. In this regard, the suspended ceiling - here again - offers a thousand and one advantages, especially if you opt for recessed luminaires.


The good basics

All commercial and industrial renovation projects involve several stages, and it is best to start ... at the beginning!


The basic problems of any type of construction should always be fixed at the top of the list before any other operation is started. There is no sense in installing a new bathroom where the walls trap moisture and let in the cold, or to let your brand new office be damaged by a leaky ceiling.

Any good project begins with the walls and ceilings and for that, the experts in 100% walls and ceilings renovation, it is without a doubt Projex Construction!


Limited budget? We have ideas!

Limited budgets don't always mean small-scale improvement projects. At Projex, we have ideas and solutions to make big changes, that are effective and profitable, for less than you think.

Do not hesitate to contact us!

Working with Projex Construction

As a specialized contractor, it is with pride that we put at your disposal our three decades of expertise 100% Walls and Ceilings!

Interior systems, permanent or removable partitioning work, wide range of tiles for suspended ceilings versatile and adapted to any type of need, we are committed to achieving in your home, your business or your industry the walls and ceilings of your dreams. you will be proud ...

... for a long time!

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