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walls-ceilings.com magazine presents:
Made from rock wool, pure white and super elegant in appearance, the Artic ceiling tile presents - among other things - excellent sound absorption, high performance against fire and offers admirable resistance to dampness, mold and sagging. A tremendous quality / price ratio!


Whether for offices, shops, in the field of education, in the medical and health spheres, for restaurants, hotels, bars and even in the residential sector, we have often mentioned it and we are still underlining it today: the advantages of a suspended ceiling are innumerable, particularly with regard to hygiene, general comfort, aesthetics and the cleanliness of frequented spaces.


Also improving the insulation of a building, suspended ceilings help keep heat or air conditioning inside rooms, thus significantly reducing energy costs and making businesses more energy efficient.


In addition, the installation of a suspended ceiling is done quickly and allows to camouflage the pipes, the wires and the various conduits of the buildings, while elegantly masking its imperfections.

But that's not all. !

With the Artic suspended ceiling tile from Rockfon Ceilings®, all these qualities are complemented by a host of other advantages. See its wonderful properties, and for its price, you will understand why this tile arrives by far at the top of the list of our best sellers:


✓ Improved acoustic quality considerably reducing ambient noise pollution;

✓ Panels made from inorganic rock wool that does not promote the development of bacteria, yeasts and molds;

✓ Tiles with a clean white knurled surface with a refined and modern appearance;

✓ High fire resistance;

✓ High light reflectance considerably reducing the need for artificial light;

✓ Dimensional stability under varying humidity and temperature conditions;

✓ Quick installation with reduced dust during installation;

✓ Easy to maintain, simply with a vacuum cleaner;

✓ Durable product of commercial quality, guaranteed for 30 years;

✓ Simplified and affordable tile replacement in the event of accidental breakage, stains or scratches;

✓ Fully recyclable



A host of formats are available, square or rectangular, according to your tastes and needs. Here are the most popular models, which we keep in stock in order to respond quickly to our customers' requests:

# 600
FORMAT 2 x 2 x 5/8″
Square border

# 601
FORMAT 2 x 4 x 5/8″
Square border

# 660
FORMAT 2 x 2 x 5/8″




• Health care centers
• Patient rooms
• Residences for the elderly
• Schools
• Classroom
• Early childhood centers
• Offices
• Corridors
• Executive areas
• Conference rooms
• Reception areas
• Media centers
• Music rooms
• Libraries
• Municipal buildings

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