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walls-ceilings.com magazine presents:
In addition to its highly distinguished appearance, there are a myriad of practical properties that will confirm your choice for this exceptional product... without breaking your budget!

Instantly giving any kind of decor an incredibly refined high-end appearance, the Projex team is proud to present its finest grain ever suspended ceiling tile.

In addition to its incomparable aesthetic qualities, our Astro®ClimaPlus™ panel is made from mineral fibers offering superior acoustic performance. This fine-textured squared edges white panel provides an excellent noise reduction and an impressive sound blocking.

Also, in addition to guaranteeing a high light reflectance (greatly improving the indirect lighting of a given space and minimizing eye fatigue while creating aesthetic and warm lighting) it demonstrates remarkable thermal performances. A winning combination that allows substantial energy savings.

In terms of health and the environment, the Astro®ClimaPlus™ tile from USG is a low VOC product. An absolute must to help improve air quality. Made from 65% recycled content and fully recyclable to ensure an environmentally friendly use, this panel proudly holds the famous GREENGUARD GOLD certification, which presents the strictest attestation criterias in terms of environment and safety, especially for sensitive people (such as children and the elderly). This standard guarantees that this product is suitable for its use in environments such as schools, retirement homes, residences for people with loss of autonomy, LTCs and other health establishments. Another major advantage: it is easily cleaned, simply with a soft brush or a vacuum cleaner.


It is also a Class “A” fire retardant panel which optionally can be matched with the Firecode® product designed to meet the highest safety codes for fire protection.

With its 30 year warranty against visible sag under extreme heat, humidity and mold (thanks to its broad spectrum antimicrobial additive) Astro®ClimaPlus™ acoustic panels offer an exceptional stability over time.

In every way, a flawless appearance and a superior performance built to last.

Available in a pure and crisp white, the USG Astro®ClimaPlus™ tile comes in a 24"x24" square design or a 24"x48" rectangle format.
NO 8221 2X2X5 / 8 CRB 0.55 (Square border)
NO 8241 2X4X5 / 8 CRB 0.55 (Square border)
NO 8223 2X2X5 / 8 CRB 0.55 (Semi-recessed border)


• Health care centers
• Patient rooms
• Residences for the elderly
• Schools
• Classroom
• Early childhood centers
• Offices
• Corridors
• Executive areas
• Conference rooms
• Reception areas
• Media centers
• Music rooms
• Libraries
• Municipal buildings

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