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Strictly adhering to the directives and requirements of the relevant government authorities for controlled environments, CLEAN ROOM™ panels have been tested to ensure the protection of spaces requiring absolute maximum hygiene.

Today more than ever, the sanitization of places requiring a high level of protection against bacteria, microbes and mold is creating new concerns both in Quebec and around the world. Clean rooms, laboratories, pharmacies, hospitals (from the emergency to the operating room), clinics and commercial kitchens must now follow strict guidelines when it comes to selecting materials that can be relied on to create healthier and safer spaces for their clients and patients.

But that's not all. In addition to having to guard against materials offering a barrier against natural biological attacks, in all types of spaces in the medical, food or high-tech sectors, the recommendations of different levels of government for cleaning and disinfection also impose a certain choice of products whose maintenance is done in an irreproachable manner.

This is where the Armstrong® CLEAN ROOM™ tile comes into play when choosing the right suspended ceiling. Made from mineral fiber materials wrapped in a polyester film and a dirt-resistant vinyl membrane, it is arguably the strongest and most durable of all.

Member of the Armstrong® CleanAssure™ family of products, the CLEAN ROOM™ tile features disinfectable panels, hangers and trims with a surface that is resistant to bacteria, germs and mold. It is a durable, water repellent, impact, scratch and dirt resistant. This tile also offers an excellent sound insulation, its warranty is 30 years against visible sagging, its installation generates little waste and its mounting time is extremely short.


Here are some incomparable specifications that will certainly tip the scales towards this prodigious tile if you are considering the installation of a suspended ceiling in a clean room.


HEALTH: Armed with the BioBlock anti-mold, germs and bacteria formula.

HYGIENE: CleanAssure™ disinfectable panels provide superior wash resistance without compromising the integrity of the panel finish. Withstands up to 150 intense brushing cycles, can be sprayed and wiped off using EPA approved disinfectant cleaners in accordance with Armstrong cleaning and disinfection guidelines.

ACOUSTICS: Systems with a CAC of 35 or higher is considered of high performance. The Armstrong® CLEAN ROOM™ tile offers a CAC between 35 and 40

FIRE PERFORMANCE: Class A. This tile features the Fire Guard™ system designed to provide increased resistance against structural failure.

HUMIDITY PERFORMANCE: Equipped with HumiGuard® Plus technology to maintain superior sag resistance, recommended for high humidity locations. It is a water repellent tile that is resistant for 15 minutes, allowing for proper cleaning for infection control.

LIGHT REFLECTION: Essential in operating rooms, kitchens and laboratories among others, this tile offers high light reflection (80%).

INSULATION: Insulation value R factor - 1.5 (BTU units) R factor - 0.26 (Watts units)

DURABILITY: One of the most durable tiles on the market. It is resistant to impacts, scratches, dirt and grease. It offers a 30-year warranty.

ENVIRONMENT: GREENGUARD Gold certified low VOC emissions, 41% recycled content and fully recyclable.


Clean rooms
Kitchens / Food preparation areas
High technologies
Cosmetic products
Vape products
Clinics / Hospitals
Patient rooms
Treatment rooms
Surgical areas
Emergency rooms




The Armstrong® CLEAN ROOM™ tile is available in white or white with gray spatter, in 24 inch x 24 inch (2ft x 2ft) and 24 inch x 48 inch (2ft x 4ft) sizes.

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