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Nevertheless, three out of four
are in a state of decrepitude.

" From the classroom to the gymnasium, via the library, the auditorium and the cafeteria, some schools are still grappling with problems of mold, water infiltration, the places are old, dilapidated or worse: not adequately protected against fire. "

Yet the living environments in which students evolve have a direct impact on their motivation and their success. Educational institutions must be inspiring places, both for students and for teachers.

In the best schools in the world, the classroom air is healthy and temperate, free from all contaminants, including the volatile components from building materials. The acoustics are neat, to avoid any vocal fatigue for teachers. Security equipment and cameras are cleverly concealed in attractive suspended ceilings.

For the renovation or construction of our Quebec schools, we offer safe, hygienic, durable walls and ceilings and, because natural light increases learning by stimulating sight, mood and health, our solutions make the most of the brightness of each space. 

We wish to participate in the renovation and construction of modern and intelligent educational places, aesthetic and adapted to their environments, beautiful and functional schools, distinctive, scalable and sustainable.

We aspire to work for projects where we feel that it is the student and the teacher who are at the center of the concerns of architects.

For the walls and ceilings of Quebec schools of today and tomorrow, Construction Projex ensures high-performance results that will meet the new construction standards for Quebec schools, which "must be built according to the principles of sustainable development and have a lifespan of at least 75 years ”.

Projex has more than thirty years serving Quebec businesses and institutions.


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