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In order to accomplish their educational mission, children daycares must ensure that they have safe and quality infrastructure. Thus, there are subsidies supporting projects aiming to increase the lifespan of its facilities, optimizing their services and improving the life quality of its young users.

Arousing curiosity and offering different educational experiences, ensuring that the little ones have enough space to play and learn, benefit from adequate ventilation and enjoy spaces that are adapted to all the needs of children, parents and educators, at Construction Projex, we believe that preschool classes and daycares should have everything they need to ensure the safety and well-being of children.

Our early childhood centres should have everything they need in order to be able to provide rich learning, allowing toddlers to develop harmoniously and function smoothly in their living environment.

Our goal: Visualize, plan and develop well-designed spaces that meet each of the needs required by each service area.

The classroom in preschools and daycare centers should be healthy, well-tempered, well-ventilated, well-organized, safe and always engaging. At Construction Projex, our wall and ceiling designs bring together these qualities and the materials we use demonstrate all these skills.

Toilets, kitchen, laundry room
Moisture-proof, soundproof, antimicrobial, fireproof, our walls and ceilings systems meet all the needs of every modern daycare living space.

Bring the outside inside
Ideally, kids should go out every day, but in reality there are times when the weather just doesn't allow it. So we need to make sure that there are plenty of opportunities for indoor activities to be safe and in optimal conditions. Air quality, acoustic excellence, textures, colors, playful and enriching aesthetics, specific to the sensory awakening and intellectual stimulation of children: the playing areas must be spacious, but must also offer many storage possibilities where indoor units can be kept after recess is over.


We offer a multitude of solutions in order to improve the infrastructure of your childcare center, daycare or preschool.

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